The Three Muses Challenge-Alter a Masterpiece

The Three Muses Challenge for the week of 24 December 2015 is to alter a masterpiece. Ann said, “Yep, be as audacious as you like and alter a famous painting in any way you choose. Have lots of fun.”

I altered Vincent Van Gogh’s Three Sunflowers in a Vase F453 from the original oil painting on canvas, as seen here:


to my stained glass creation that I made:


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The Three Muses Challenge-Rainbow

This is my first time to participate in a challenge by The Three Muses. The challenge for the week of 16 December 2015 is “Rainbow.”

This is my entry for the challenge.


The Santa scene and the snow flake are from the free images from Dover Publications. I used the snow flake image to make a brush. The rest of the design elements were created by me.  I created a pattern for the grid and created the grid pattern. I selected various squares in the grid and applied various rainbow gradients in them. I reduced the visibility of the interior grid so that the the Santa scene showed more color. I added in the outer border with a rainbow gradient at 100% opacity.

That’s all for now.

Live life fully and enjoy.



Collage Obsession-Dec 2015

It has been a while since I have posted on my blog. Various reasons…places I used to link to no longer do that anymore…computer failure…needed new printer…etc.

I recently saw that Collage Obsession was having roughly monthly challenges. I had been linking with them before. I was glad to see that they have their challenges. 

The December 2015 challenge is “Looking for a lost Reindeer can you show me where you last saw him?”

This is where I last saw the Randeer.


Most of the items in the collage are from the free samples that Dover Publications periodically send. You can go there and sign up for these free samples.

That’s all for now.

Live life fully and enjoy.


Scrapaneers is having its Second Birthday Celebration-Day 4

Today’s birthday challenge highlights the ever-amazing Karla Dudley. I looked through Karla’s gallery and decided to lift from her “My Girls” layout. Here is my rendition.


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Scrapaneers is having its Second Birthday Celebration-Day 3

The challenge for Day 3 of Scrapaneers Second birthday Celebration is to scraplift one of their very own Peers, the gals that keep the place up and running. I chose to scraplift a page created by Katherine Hansen. I took some liberties in creating my layout. Here is what I ended with.


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Scrapaneers is having its Second Birthday Celebration-Day 2

Scrapaneers is two-years old. It is having a Birthday Celebration this week. This is Day 2 of the Celebration. The Challenge they have for today is to scraplift Michelle Coleman. I used Michelle’s SUMMER layout page as my starting point for my layout. Here is Michelle’s SUMMER layout.


I am going through my old photos that I scanned in from my parent’s photo albums. For this Challenge I decided to use three photos of my sister. These photos were taken in 1926 by our mother using a Kodak box camera. My sister was all dressed up for the May Day celebration at the Elementary School. She was in the First Grade. The children would dress up. They would decorate their wagons. tricycles, doll buggies, and whatevers. They would have a parade. They started from the school and went all around the block through the neighborhood. The people at home would watch the parade and all had a good time.

Here is my take on scraplifting Michelle’s SUMMER layout.


That’s all for now.

Live life fully and enjoy.



16 July 2015 – Some thoughts on recent classes I have taken

Since there are no more Texture Tuesdays with Kim Klassen, I took a few days off from adding to my blog while I thought about what I want to do on the blog. I have decided that I will show things I have done in some of the classes I have taken. So, here goes. This is an example of one of the layouts I created in a recent workshop given by Jessica Sprague. Yes, she is back! The class is called, Digital 4: Back for More!. ekd-Lesson3-WIP-ver2-web If you would like to see more of what I did and some info on how some things were done, Continue Reading.

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